A day in this city is measured by the stories unfolding in a perpetual state of creation. Every one of us is a molecule in this complex narrative. Live here long enough, noise transforms into a symphonic composition, horns, sirens, whistles – discordant sounds that somehow merge with our laughter, forming an uneven balance, yet rising to a transcendent climax that somehow, inexplicably, works.

This place, this city – a universe of particles, compressed, squeezed, on verge of critical mass; each of us an electric volt, traveling through a human grid of millions, connecting, communicating, fusing.  We see it all – singly; as one – the joys, the sorrows, the rainbow of emotions. And though small and tiny we may be, it seems each of us contributes, however minutely, to a larger organism – the organism of New York City.

The Rebellion

My name is Bong – TheBong. I love being addicted to New York. It was by choice. I can’t say I’m as fond of being addicted to the global retailers. Amazon has imprisoned my library, Apple my songs. I’m not sure who offered the Apple first, but I regret taking a byte. We are no longer people; we are packets of information freely traded and pimped. This is my reason for rebellion. This is my reason for Blogbellion.

Not taking from communities, but gaining a community.

Mission Statement

Blogbellion supports local communities and small businesses by funneling commerce back into these very stores. Blogbellion will never advertise nor accept ad monies from large chains and retailers that could directly hurt our local economies. Above all, Blogbellion extols the very best of our neighborhoods to inspire others to visit.