Greater NYC

Tectonic in strength, galactic in breadth.  Haiku in experience, attempting to digest New York City in one sitting is like trying to high-five the hand of God.


Queens is a cauldron of pungent aroma, boiling and roiling with gobs of diversity.  From Bayside to Woodside, the Koreans and Chinese add the primary ingredients, but the finishing spices come from the likes of Sucka MC and Flava Flav.


You don’t live in Brooklyn, you wear Brooklyn.  It’s a bottle of attitude that’s been aged for over a century.

Staten Island

New York’s best kept secret


No fist on earth rises higher.

The Bronx

Despite its turbulent history, The Bronx has much to offer — Grandmaster Flash, a world class zoo, and the birthplace of Breaking.  What The Bronx lacks in history is redeemed by having created it: Da’ Yankees.