My Appalachian Trial Podcasts

Steve Adams represents the doer in all of us. He proves that age is not a limitation, only an excuse. He has few excuses these days.

As he has followed in the footsteps of countless explorers before him, his adventures should inspire us to follow in kind.

If you can’t find the time to read Steve’s Appalachian Trials, he offers the next best thing? Weekly podcasts.  Here’s the link:

The first podcast offers a familiar prologue vis-a-vis “Baby Steps”. You’ll notice Steve’s English accent from his very first words. Which adds a bit of Tolkien to an already adventurous tale. Steve goes on to recount his epic journey through the Appalachians at a brisk speaking pace. The listener is drawn into his tale by an admirable lack of filler words and interruptions in speech — almost as if Steve were a practiced lecturer. But without the sleepiness of a stuffy professor, of course.

Please feel free to share your thoughts after listening. Have fun!

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