Brain Wellness: Vital Advice for Life

Did you know our brain consumes 20% of our bodies’ energy? And the brain only weighs three pounds. That’s about 2% of our body mass. No wonder why I’m always late for work. My brain tells me to get up but my body doesn’t have enough energy to obey.

Awareness of the mind/body duality has existed since humans first achieved awareness. But awareness doesn’t necessarily translate to sensitivity.

In today’s hyper-digital reality, how many of us are truly sensitive to what we consume, what we feed our minds and how we maintain ourselves?

It would be unfair to accept total blame, especially when temptation surrounds us everywhere and, like predators, wait to pounce on us at every turn — fast foods, street vendors, soda machines, video games, sex toys. Then again, there’s always the exception…


Yet, many seem to forget that there are three major components to healthy living. And cellphones aren’t one of them. There’s the mind, the body and… Monday Night Football.

Manushiva’s workshop on Brain Wellness is more vital today than ever. When was the last time any of us experienced silence? I mean total silence. No background noise, text beeps, traffic, construction, or general noise pollution?

If you do remember such a moment, you were most likely in a rural area or in a forest, where you would hear the wind, the rustle of leaves, even your own breathing.

Then the knee-jerk response kicks in: take a selfie and send it to your friend, the very friend who happens to be standing next to you.


Technology is great, but when we become its servant, we’ve given up more than personal identity — we’ve given up on living well.

Our body is a vehicle, our brains drive this vehicle, nutrition determines the octane of our fuel. Most settle for 87-grade. A few will splurge on 93-grade.

Neglect any one of these three vital elements and you might find yourself driving a car with flat wheels.


Let’s take the analogy even further. Even with an optimal intake of fuel, avoidance of unhealthy thinking, and even regular exercising, you’d still be missing something:  maintenance.

Just as cars must have its internals inspected, so humans should have their vitals inspected.


In cars, there’s sludge build-up. In humans, there’s toxic build-up. In cars, the timing has to be readjusted. In humans, we have to be readjusted. Nutritional foods and positive thoughts = better living.


Manushiva is a mechanic — a spiritual mechanic — who can give your mind and body the tune-up necessary to combat even something as vicious as Alzheimer’s disease.

So get that oil-change you’ve been postponing for the last 50,000 miles. Change those spark plugs that have suppressed your innate drive. Change those draws you’ve been wearing for three days because you’re too lazy to do your laundry.

Or, attend the Brain Wellness workshop with Manushiva. It only costs $25. Who knows, you might discover something about yourself you didn’t think possible. Even better, you might learn to live more in the moment.


Warmest thanks to Integral Yoga Studios for supporting this article


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