Like so many of the global mega-companies in the world, Google has resorted to parasitic tactics to increase their quarterly earnings. If anyone sees on their Google-My-Business (GMB) page, there’s a good reason: is owned by GoDaddy, which has a contract with Google to propagate and leech the brand.

What is It is a menu aggregator. It will leech itself to any GMB, even if the business is not a restaurant. Worse, is oftentimes grossly inaccurate in their menu prices, thus hurting restaurants and disrupting their ability to take orders, as they have to inform the consumer that’s menu prices are not up-to-date.

(Screen-shot of Fresco Pizza & Pasta Google-My-Business Page)

A perfect example is the above screen-shot. did everything it could to persuade Google to change the link to the link, which would take a consumer to the main menu page per Fresco’s website and which would reflect the updated menu prices.

Then, a few months later, the link replaces and, not surprisingly, the locu link takes you to an older version of the current Fresco Menu.

Google has since given the disingenuous response of a “technical glitch” that precludes them from correcting the issue. Really? A mega-cap company cannot fix their own platform due to a glitch? And it’s not any platform, it is the world’s largest search engine (some would say, it is the only search engine).

Google’s excuse is like God complaining it has no control over the laws of physics. While maybe God won’t change His own laws, to say He can’t is beyond insulting. Well, Google, be careful you don’t cannibalize yourself in your infinite greed. You may discover one day the thing you happily chew is your own foot.

As for GoDaddy, they would joyfully feed on another organisms’ fecal waste and call it ecological necessity.

In mean time, please visit for their up-to-date menu. And, for Pete’s sake, please don’t press on link as it’ll take you to an inaccurate, out-of-date menu. However, the “Website” link on the GMB page will take you directly to the site.

-Written by TheBong-

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