If Size Matters, New York is Crying

It almost goes without say that NYC has the most skyscrapers in the world and, arguably, has the most distinctive skyline. Not so fast. In fact, NYC has the third most skyscrapers in the world. Say whaaat?

For real. Hong Kong has the enviable distinction of possessing the most skyscrapers. Tokyo is a close second. Hm, could this perhaps be a manifestation of an envy-complex? More on this later.

But, wait, what constitutes a skyscraper? Who determines the minimum height of a building before it becomes a skyscraper? Is there even an organization dedicated to such a thing?

You just knew the answer to each question would be a tomahawk-slam-dunking “YES!” Whenever there’s room for a mine-is-bigger-than-yours situation, a committee has to be created. This “law” is right up there with moms-know-best and you-can’t-win-an-argument-against-an-idiot.

Say hello to “Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat” (CTBUH). This is the official organization that determines the tumescent height of buildings. Poor, poor New York.


But I’m still wondering what the minimum height requirement is for a building to be considered a skyscraper. According to Wiki, the building has to be over 40 floors high.

I’ve found nothing to support this. Per CTBUH, they consider “Context, Proportion and Technologies” in making their determinations. (There’s even a forum on this topic. Hey, to each her own.) And that’s how guys should view themselves when looking down. It’s all about “Context, Proportion and Technologies.”

CONTEXT: Next to Ron Jeremey, most guys would look tiny. But most guys would also look like models compared to Ron. It’s always a question of context.

PROPORTION: If an entire nation of men are smaller than other men, it’s due to proportion. In these countries, women have smaller caves. In some countries, women have vast caverns from which no man can find his way out.

TECHNOLOGIES: Skyscrapers have engineers. Men have viagra. If your tool is broken, surgeons can fix it; they have the technology.

Per Wiki, Hong Kong has 380 skyscrapers, Tokyo has 356, and New York has 250. Hm, I suddenly feel a little smaller, being a New Yawker and all. But why Hong Kong? Turns out it has very little to do with envy-complexes and everything to do with — surprise! — size.

Hong Kong, an island, has only half the landmass of Manhattan. So the pressure is greater to — ahem — rise to ever greater heights. In the end, necessity dictated Hong Kong’s rocketing building spree. And they splurged to reach volcanic excess.

But what about Tokyo? No idea. Feel free to comment.

Getting back on topic, NYC shrinks even further if we measure size by buildings alone. In which case, NYC would come in a distant sixth with 6,154 buildings. Shanghai, on the other hand, more than doubles NYC with over 14,000 buildings. Those crazy Asians. They give rabbits a run for their money.

All is not lost fellow NYers. They say the best hot dogs are the ones that plump when you cook ‘em. And, boy, does New York know how to expand its horizons. Our City is numero uno when it comes to land area, population and density. We have the most girth. No one touches our dogs.


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