Life Beyond Smoking

After thirty years of smoking, I’ve at last discovered my Golden Fleece. It’s called vaping. If you have the will to quit, vaping gives you enough kick to take the edge off the craving. I’m down to a few cigarettes a week. Not bad for a former two-pack-a-dayer.

Here’s how it works (for those familiar with vaping, skip ahead). A cylindrical battery attaches to a holding chamber, which together looks like a “pen.” The chamber holds what is known as an e-liquid (e-juice or go-juice).


The juice, propylene glycol and/or vegetable glycol, comprises the bulk of the viscous liquid. The rest is water, nicotine, and flavorings. The glycol is a natural ingredient used in many foods. The flavoring is a gimmicky tool to make vaping a more tasteful experience.

Mechanics work like this:  You press a button on the pen and the juice gets cooked inside the holding chamber via a wick. At a sufficient temperature, the juice turns into a “harmless” vapor you suck into your lungs. Voila.

The maximum nicotine offered on the market is 2.4 or 24%. And it’s as close to the real thing as you’re going to get. As your craving for nicotine mitigates, you can lower the nicotine percentage until you no longer have the craving for it.


Best part, vaping is a hell of lot cheaper than smoking. Even after spending $60 or so for the vape pen (for beginners), $25 for a 50ml bottle of juice, you’ve only spent $120 (after tax). Considering the average smoker spends almost $400 a month on cigarettes, imagine the savings. Each ml is equivalent to a pack of cigarettes.

In a later post, I’ll go over all the different parts one can toy with to build the ultimate mod (customized). As well, I’ll go over the balances for e-juice mixes. For now, a vape pen is simple and all you’ll need to begin your journey to recovery and renewed health.

Let’s not forget the point of this post. I am living proof that smoke-free is possible even for the hardest-core smoker. But without the will to quit, not even twelve patches on your bod is going to help. Vaping is an assistant, not a replacement.

I used to order my supplies online, but I got frustrated with delays and postage fees. Then I found Tony Sunshine. Tony owns his own fully-stocked vape-store on w29th St. in the heart of Flatiron. And it’s only one block from the 28th St. stop if you take the N or R. Tony’s shop,Ultimate Vapor Source (, is fairly new but ready to rock ‘n roll. Just remember it’s on the SECOND FLOOR.

About Tony Sunshine:  This is the coolest kat from Times Square to Trinidad. He owns a lightbulb smile, which is always shining at full wattage for his customers. He will answer every question you can throw at him. And he’s got all the equipment for the savviest pro to design the most ridiculous mods. I’m talking about custom-building something that’ll cloud up a clear sky.

And his prices are equal to or less than the online retailers. Better yet, you don’t have to pay for shipping. That’s at least an $8 savings.

Personally, I go to Tony to for the conversation. You know you’re in good hands when you can toke-up with the owner. And he’s got every accessory for all the other types of toking. Ultimate Vapor Source is your quintessential mom-and-pop shop. It seems everyone knows your name.

Warmest thanks to Ultimate Vapor Source for supporting this article. (No reward due to change of ownership.)

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