The Pizza To End All Pizzas: Fresco Pizza & Pasta

As a native of Buffalo, New York, with an Italian heritage, I like to think I know a thing or two about great pizzas. And I’m talking ‘bout the authentic stuff. You know, the ones made fresh from vine-ripe tomatoes. Those were the only ones my grandmother ever used. She used to pluck ‘em straight from our garden.

And the toppings! My grandmother piled ‘em on like it was nobody’s business, peppers, sausages, pepperonis, onions, you name it.

Now here in Buffalo, we take our pizzas seriously. We have a 70-year-old tradition. One store, in particular, was founded by Italian immigrants so many generations ago, and most within a hundred-mile-radius would agree it is the best pizza.

While I would do nothing to dispel this belief, I have to say outside of the hundred-yard-radius, there is one pizzeria that is the king-of-kings, the god-of-zilla, the jumbo-of-all-shrimp — Fresco Pizza & Pasta in The Bronx, New York.

I can say without reservation that I have never tasted pizza — anywhere! — that compares to Fresco Pizza & Pasta’s. And get this, it is cheaper than what you’d pay in Buffalo!

perfect-italian-pizza-picjumbo-comFresco Pizza & Pasta blew me away by their massive, gorgeous masterpiece: a large black olive and mushroom pizza in bubbling mozzarella. It was nearly double the size of the large versions you’d ordinarily find in Buffalo.

Upon smelling the fresh, homemade sauce, it brought me back to my grandmother’s kitchen. But my grandmother couldn’t afford the quantity and quality of cheese Fresco Pizza & Pasta splurged on their pies.

And you can’t ignore the crust! It lacked the vapidness of lesser pizzas that use cheap flour. I saved mine for last and ate it like it was dessert.

It was obvious Fresco Pizza & Pasta prepared all their foods with towering pride. Their pizza is one of the best, if not the best, that I’ve ever tasted. Imagine how delicious their other dishes were!

I am going to make a pilgrimage to Fresco Pizza & Pasta every time I visit New York City. I envy the New Yorker’s who can enjoy Fresco’s Pizza at will. I now understand why Rachael Ray calls Fresco Pizza & Pasta the best-tasting pizza in America.

-Written by Thomas Doran-


  1. Tom Riffel

    It sounds fantastic! The next time I travel to New York from Denver, I’m definitely going there. Thanks for the great article Tom Doran!

  2. TheBong

    Thanks for the review, Thomas. Wonderful meeting you and your wife. I’m relieved that my billing lived up to its hype.

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