Pop-Up Shop: The New Fashion Frontier

A  “Pop-Up Shop” is just that — a shopping experience that pops-up overnight in different locations. Unlike the traditional retail store, a Pop-Up Shop is as bare and stripped-down as a newly-painted apartment. With design. The event highlights apparel over decor. 

The September 30th Pop-Up Shop, hosted by Heike, took place on W13th St. in the heart of the Meatpacking District.  Nine designers sported their wears for direct-to-consumer engagement. While the designers’ prices weren’t cheap, they also weren’t bank-breakers. In fact, one of the best virtues of a Pop-Up shop lies in its price-reductions. With cheaper overhead, the designers’ were able to sell for less.

hieke-logoEach designer stood close to their portable garment racks — which displayed their apparel like works of art — and directly sold to consumers. While the turnout didn’t pack-out the house, enough showed up so that you had to say “excuse me” several times to reach your destination.

One of these destinations led you to the beverages section. And, of course, the drinks had to match the lure of the designs. For water-lovers, the inimical Fiji was on tap. For something stronger, Clifton Dry offered a woodsy, low-alcohol, sparkling cider. And for wine-lovers, there was a choice between Justin Vineyards & Winery and Landmark Vineyards, both of which quenched equally.

Though the Designers were touted as up-and-coming, no one was fooled. These designers were too sophisticated to be first-timers. Which took nothing away from them. In fact, up-and-coming added an allure that would have been absent otherwise.

chakukova_a-_mg_6312-min-minDesigners in Attendance:  Heike NY, Lauren Cecchi New York, Echtego, Gena Mint, Sienna Alexandra London, Maiko Suzuki, Alissa Chapman, Sabre NYC, OnePointSix NYC, Astridland, Ramos Mode NY, Carlton Jones, Vero & Provato.

The necessity for the Pop-Up Shop arose out of the inordinate rise in commercial rents, which had forced many stores to close. The designers were then compelled to find another avenue to reach their consumers. So they banded together and created the Pop-Up Shop phenomenon.

One of the more compelling elements of this event is the aura of “underground,” as if you had to be in-the-know to even know of its existence. The more mundane truth is that anyone can attend. In fact, the virtue of this event is its accessibility. All are welcomed.

chakukova_a-_mg_6517-min-min-minRounding-out the evening were two top-notch performers:  Singer Katya Lee and DJ Patafunk, both of whom inspired many cheers and enticed as many to dance.

So keep your ears open for the next Pop-Up Shop event, which will be hosted in different parts of the city. You might find that perfect coat or dress you’ve always wanted.

-Written by TheBong-

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