Prostitute Lawyers

Ok, so the first thing that came to my mind was, “Isn’t this kinda redundant?” Yet, there is a small minority of lawyers that specialize in representing prostitutes. Talk about two peas finding the same pod. Only question is who’s gonna screw the other first? Then again, they might screw each other at the same time. Good thing they both take credit cards.

It gets better (or worse). In order for an Escort to operate in NYS, she (or he) has to be licensed. But we all know what goes on in Vegas, stays in Vegas. When it doesn’t, you know who the Escort’s gonna call when she’s introduced to Miranda?

The obvious problem is that if an Escort is arrested for prostitution, and s/he calls a Prostitute Lawyer, isn’t s/he admitting to prostitution by the very act of hiring such a lawyer? Otherwise, the Escort’s defense would be, say, false arrest. Do you really need a Prostitute Lawyer to argue this? I’ll tell ya’, a lawyer’s job is never easy, especially when the Escort’s retainer can be so . . . fluid.

To avoid all this motion in the commotion, why not up your game and talk to a romance pro? Someone who can snap a finger and fry up not just a pan but an entire wok. Why not talk to Mr. Locario?


Who is Mr. Locario? He’s smoother than an operator. He’s got more jive than a stuffed turkey. He’s got more moves than a chess game. He’s got more game than a partridge in a pear tree. He’s New York’s greatest dating coach. And he’ll coach you till you can slap the blue off your own Papa Smurf.

Best part, you don’t have to worry about getting arrested. Hell, Mr. Locario will probably cost you almost as much as an Escort, but at least you’ll have genuine skills you can carry with you to a party — or a bed. Or not.

And, ladies, Mr. Locario ain’t just for dudes. His game extends to the better half of mankind. That’d be you.

In a future post, I’ll properly introduce you to Mr. Locario, New York’s best Date Whisperer. But for now, Mr. Locario offers his pearls through his ebook or dvd.

Warmest thanks to Mr. Locario for supporting this article


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