Sneaker Bar New York: The New SOBRO

Yo, bussit’, my diggity-diggity-diggity big bad mama jamas, da’ Bronx ain’t what it used to be. Take north SoBro on E149th. Once the province of tweakers, main-liners and pyros so many decades ago, it has transformed into civilized.

And it wasn’t done by peeps with paintbrush-and-canvas or shirt-and-tie, but by a different breed of pioneers — the lone mom-and-pop, the lone wolf who took a chance on a low-rent hood.

This same hood, this same former war-zone, is now routinely patrolled by 911. Why? New buildings and mas renovation spree.

But one store stands out among all other stores on busy E149th — SNEAKER BAR.

This ain’t your ordinary high-top to tang-top; this is pizzazz and panache; this is primo footgear; this is the Fort Knox of sneaker wear.


And the owner, Kevin, sports his sneaker palace like it was a royal chalice. There’s no distracting strobe light or puke neon sign. There’s only a neo-modern sheen that comes off spit-shining clean.

This ain’t jive, my brothers. Kevin sells $250 “Chrome” retro 8s and $300 Copper 17s. Kev, hell you thinkin’, cuz? Who in SoBro can afford $350 Pro “Yeazy”? Sounds fugazy. But I know you ain’t crazy. So what gives?

Turns out Sneaker Bar has been in this neighborhood over four years. Kev just moved his palace a few feet down the street. He needed more room — more showroom.

Keep in mind, Sneaker Bar ain’t just sneakers, it also sells high-end apparel from the likes of Nike — shirts, hoodies, pants, caps, you name it. Peeps from all over the city and surrounding burbs cruise Sneaker Bar like it was the last cookie jar.


Then I figured out why. Sneakers aren’t just something you slip on your feet. Today’s top-end Nikes are designed by artists like Picasso and Vincent Van Gogh, did you know? The three Benjamins you slap down today for a pair could easily turn into a 10x ROI (return-on-investment) in a decade, as long as you don’t wear ‘em.

Sneaker Bar: It’s boutique, it’s chic, it’s sleek. Kev’s store typifies the new SoBro. And it takes only one store to turn a neighborhood into a diamond. Hats off to you, Kev. May your store live forever.

Warmest thanks to Sneaker Bar for supporting this article


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