South Bronx Summer Kick Off


A falcon circles high above, screaming, challenging, bellowing — for territorial rights. It waits, soaring through a boundless, translucent sky. But no takers on this day. Disappointed, the falcon straightens its flight, looks down on…

Five busy, commercial streets, which seem to collide into a single point. This concrete sprawl is packed with half-a-million restless souls — mostly black and Hispanic — hustling, bustling, muscling — for survival.

Or so it seems. Look closer and we notice the collision point occurs at…


… The center-mass of the South Bronx, a pulsing heart of urban renewal, a fist rising out of the ground — life emerging from the crumbling compost of city decay.

Amidst the swarming masses of humanity on E149th St., on the corner of St. Ann’s Ave., one store juts out…


… A lone mom-and-pop shop that shines like a single patch of grass in a bare and starving land — Atlas holding up a mountain. The store bulges with the hungry, the thirsty, the unwittingly spoiled denizens who’ve grown up on the best pizza in the City.

A few hops to the east on the very same E149th, another patch of grass blazes with life…


… A monument, a testimony, a store challenging its neighbors to rise above their violent inheritance, a reputation forged in the furnace of a burning Bronx decades removed.

Welcome to the new South Bronx… welcome to renewal… welcome to…


The Bronx is a piece of land. The South Bronx is a piece of home. Explore the land; find a peace of home.


A neighborhood without great local stores is like a buffet without food, a zebra without its stripes, a binocular without vision.

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