Steve “Grizzly” Adams: The New Age of Exploration

Who is Steve Adams? Before 2014, he was like most us — anonymous. Then, one day, on a strange impulse, Steve decided to explore. He had to give life one last in-your-face because his health was failing him.

Steve decided to do something many have dreamed about but few have dared. Steve went hiking. Not any hiking, mind you, but a colossal trek. Steve had resolved to trudge the entire length of the Appalachian trail, which extends for over two-thousand miles. And how did he do this? Well, that’s half the fun. But I’m pretty sure it began with one-foot-in-front-of-the-other.


Who would have figured that Steve’s trials and tribulations would turn into a two-volume book that has become a surprising best-seller.  I didn’t believe it at first, partly because I can barely get through a Dr. Seuss book. I mean, who has time to read these days?

But I had to do the dirty.  I had to read excerpts from Steve Adams, “My Appalachian Trial”. Wow, I was hooked from the very first image. A lot had to do with Steve’s easy writing style. He never resorted to pretense. Instead, he unveiled his experiences fluidly. And he wasn’t afraid to  make pop-culture references that would otherwise send shivers down backs. After a week of trekking without a shower, Steve had become the very hobo he had feared to meet.

Steve has also mastered that rare ability to turn the most ordinary things into a curiosity, such as describing an otherwise mundane river as a meandering mystery. And that’s how Steve keeps you on your toes. He positions every sentence, every phrase, every word as if something were around the corner. By avoiding use of esoteric words, Steve allowed the reader to go for a willing ride where the only bumps were the ones in the story and not on the page.


Steve admiring a stunning view of the Shenandoah

And the details! Steve didn’t bore you with every single flower he came across. Instead, he observed and concentrated on the one that was so out-of-place, it made you feel anxious, like the dreaded hill-billy wearing a patched-up overall, who seemed to be waiting for his next victim.

Nor did Steve skirt the stereotypes many of us have about hill-billies and rednecks; you know, the toothless tobacco-chewing people who eat people for a living — and only after violating the carcass. Or did that happen before the person became a carcass?

DCIM101GOPRO Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

Steve had to confront all these fears, and he lets you experience them as if you were standing next to him. As to what became of Steve, you’ll have to read his book(s).

And that’s what Blogbellion is offering. Read Steve’s guest-post blog, comment on it, get 25 up-votes and Blogbellion will mail you a real book, not the ones written in zeroes-and-ones but the ones written in As,Bs,and Cs.

As there is so much more to Steve’s trials and tribulations, Blogbellion will continue to feature Steve’s epic adventures on a weekly. So stay tuned.

-Written By TheBong-

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