Summer Splash in the South Bronx

On Saturday, July 9th, 2016, The South Bronx “Kick”-Off celebration rippled through Metropolis. The festive rumbling ballooned into an army of human sub-woofers — excited revelers jumping up and down like an impending storm, higher, still higher, until the deafening cheers blasted a hole through the very clouds. What remained was a gargantuan halo hovering over an otherwise forgotten part of the city — The South Bronx.

But on this day, The South Bronx made a splash. A tiny one, we admit, but a vital one. No one asked us to do this. No one gave us money to do this. No one cared that we even did this. And what did we do? A blog —blogbellion — approached a sneaker store and, together, persuaded a pizzeria to celebrate community — our community. “But why,” asked Gus and Andre of Fresco Pizza & Pasta? I said, “Because we can.”

MC Carlos in the house

From Team Blogbellion, thank you Sneaker Bar NY and Fresco Pizza & Pasta for making this happen. Another shout-out to our partner SoBRO for giving us advance billing. Blogbellion touted its mission — supporting neighborhoods one mom-and-pop at a time — and blogbellion delivered… not gaining from community, but gaining a community.

But the biggest hero on this day was The South Bronx neighborhood itself. This is indeed the new SoBRO.

And we have a winner… $300 Nike sneaker giveaway

What the above picture doesn’t show were the twenty people who were jumping up and pumping fists for this woman to win.

Even better, everyone knew la comida awaited them after the giveaway. And Fresco Pizza & Pasta delivered to the hilt.

Chicken Alla Fresco, Fresco Pizza & Pasta

This is just a hint of the cuisine Fresco catered for all the participants, sponsors, and press. Courtesy of Team Blogbellion, of course.

Warmest thanks to Blogbellion Community for supporting this article


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