Please welcome our newest small business:  Truck Haul Deliver. This is truly a mom-and-pop outfit in the best sense. It’s run by a father/son duo, Neal McLeod Sr. and Jr., who bust their humps every day delivering precious cargo for below-market costs. They will deliver just about anything. They have a large 20-foot box truck with a powerful lift-gate. No job is too big or too small.

While they deal mostly with local businesses, they also do plenty of private jobs, like picking up and delivering college students’ belongings, hauling construction material, and even transporting party equipment. Local film crews love having a goto truck that will deliver their film equipment on time and on schedule. Truck Haul Deliver also works with local florists, restaurants, caterers, moving companies, you name it.

As for distances, they will go as far as Pennsylvania and Massachusetts, if the job is right. If you have a need for a commercial truck, call 646.604.9115.

In fact, mention you read this article, and the McLeods’ will offer you a 20% discount. Not too shabby. And on top of all this, don’t be surprised if they deliver you free one-liners when you call them. They have a great sense of humor.

-Written by TheBong-


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