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As promised, I will go over what a Mod is and how to customize one. But first, if you want to see Tony Sunshine in action, press on his name. For such a shy guy, he did pretty well in front of a camera. For those who don’t know, Tony Sunshine is the happy-go-lucky owner of Ultimate Vapor Source store on w29th, west of Broadway.

Before we begin, I need to straighten my bowtie and clear my throat. Ok, now you may applaud. No, please, no, no more. The reason I cleared my throat was to demonstrate that in order to blowtorch your vape like Godzilla, you have to first learn to inhale like King Kong. Then you might just be on your way to becoming the Fonzie of vaping.


So I was chillin’ with Tony last Friday and got to see some of his customers blow out some serious cloudage on their mods. Even though there are pen mods, the box mods are the ones that announce to the world you’re a pro (or a show-off).

Which brings us to this new subculture arising out of vaping. With such things, there will always be the ones who have everything down to a “science.” In other words, if you don’t use the “right” lingo you get a look of disdain and the cold shoulder. And there’s nothing worse than being kept out of the He-Man-Woman-Haters-Club.

Anyway, the more familiar mod usually has a square shape, where the batteries are stored. It can also look like a pen (but the purists insist pens are for herbal smoking only). The components of a mod are fairly simple: batteries, the atomizer, and the tank (storage for e-juice).


Mods generally come in two varieties: Regulated and unregulated (mechanical). Regulated usually means the manufacturer has preset specs, though you can toy with the wattage — the amplitude — the temperature — the dew point — hell, even global warming. Many also have a digital display indicator, which lets you know how much juice you have remaining.

(I personally like the digital readout because it looks so suave, like Rico.)

The atomizer is the piece of hardware that converts the juice into smoke. It does this with a “coil.” The coil usually last a long time with a regulated factory-set mod.

Unregulated mods are usually custom-built. They get rid of much of the electrical components and go for direct current. That means the power is unhindered to the coil, which produces ridiculous vapor clouds. But you also run the risk of burning out the mod and even having it catch on fire.

But, hey, as long as you’re having fun, who cares if you burn out an eye? You always have another one.

Lesson: The bigger the bubble you blow, the more gum in your hair.

On another note, even though it’s show-offish, seeing massive cumulous clouds erupting from mouths is a sight to behold. It’s part Exorcist, part Excalibur, part Excretal. (Found that last one in the Scrabble dictionary.)


Warmest thanks to Ultimate Vapor Source for supporting this article. (No reward due to change of ownership.)

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