What is Blogbellion?

We are the smelly foot smacking you upside your head — WAKE UP!  Life exists beyond texting, social media, online shopping, emailing, snap-shooting. Oh, we’re also a blog. Duh.

People, fellow NYers, get off your lazy asses and socialize, exercise, romanticize, yagacise, sexorcise. Blogbellion gives you incentives to do so — with no strings attached!

(Ok, this one can stay on da’ couch)

Blogbellion champions community-building. Blogbellion aims to unite local communities with local businesses by fostering physical interaction.

Blogbellion does this by posting blogs with an offer of an award. The awards are free products and services donated by local businesses. To collect on these awards, people will have to physically visit the sponsoring stores. Scary thought.

574762db0428df516cdb5e76_family%20couch%20potato(This family of potatoes could grow its own farm)

And who gets these awards? You — the reader!  All you have to do is participate in the “comments” section of each post. The comment which garners the most votes in a 24-hour period wins the award.*

Prizes range from Italian restaurants, to sports bars with great buffalo wings, to bookstores, to romance consultants, to organic butcheries — to just about anything within our local community.

In turn, our mom-and-pop shops and small businesses will receive attention and gratitude, which creates a self-feedback loop for greater prosperity. Can it get any better?

*Minimum votes required. Each post will have its own vote requirement.

Warmest thanks to Sneaker Bar for supporting this article


$300 giveaway courtesy of Sneaker Bar New York. Each person who comments will be automatically entered. Each “up-vote” on your comment receives another entry into the giveaway. Or subscribe to our exclusive email giveaways. Date of event:  July 9, 2016.

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