Blogbellion selectively promotes neighborhood stores and small businesses by blogging about them with the goal of giving them more exposure. In today’s commercial climate, the giant online retailers are devastating local ecologies. It seems another store closes every week — and that’s just in one neighborhood.

But it’s difficult to promote a store that doesn’t or can’t help itself. Many stores don’t have the tools to compete, such as having a top-notch dynamic website that goes to work for them. This is the fulcrum of an e-commerce website — to create a digital storefront that will either create a new, or widen an existing, revenue stream. Half of the world’s commerce flows through the internet. Unless stores are equipped to tap into this vital artery, they may never see their full potential. Cutting corners by seeking the lowest costs will slow the bleeding, but it won’t heal the wound.

This is where Blogbellion discovered it can help the most. Blogbellion provides Merchant Services and Business Development through its Bronx Merchant Services (BxM). Among the many services BxM offers, custom web development and design is among its most popular. Perhaps because BxM also offers full content support across all channels. This includes back-end/front-end services, textual support, social media curation, personal app, and perpetual marketing.

BxM generally asks for a two-year agreement, as it takes time to build a site, brand a company, market the brand, and continually service the client’s multitude of needs. Further, Blogbellion works with its clients to widen existing income streams, while also creating new ones. To do this affordably, clients pay a monthly subscription fee to help spread the costs. In return, BxM will assume proportional risks by offering the lowest possible costs for its umbrella service. BxM will build a viable e-commerce site, maintain it, and evolve it.

To be sure, BxM will guarantee that the cost of building a world-class, enterprise-level e-commerce site will pay for itself many times over. But what’s an e-commerce site without low credit card processing fees? This is where BxM excels: Negotiating the lowest possible payment processing fees for its clients, while also implementing state-of-the-art POS systems.

BxM, additionally, offers Trademark and Copyright assistance at a fraction of the price one would spend on a law firm or attorney. (BxM does not offer legal counsel, nor does it practice law. BxM offers guidance by filing the paperwork, then having a licensed attorney review the filing(s).)

For more details, please inquire by phone or email.

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