The Writers

Blogbellion writers are not bloggers. They are professional writers who blog. Therefore, they are bloggers. Doh!

Our formula is simple. Find great writers who love writing stories, or telling stories, or telling lies. What story ever written or spoken told the whole truth and nothing but the truth? Above all, Blogbellion Writers have fun writing the zaniest posts that somehow relate to a local store, even if that means hammering a square into a circle.


Not too long ago, a girl was conceived in the bowels of New York City. But her parents were nowhere to be found. She asked everyone where her parents might be. Many were startled that a baby girl who couldn’t even walk had the power of language, though to most it still sounded like so much gibberish.

Then a wise Chinese man asked this infant girl, “Are you sure you have parents?”

“Duh,” she burped.

The Chinese man replied, “You must dig hard or die hard.”

The infant girl blinked several times. “Are you that the dumbass who writes all those lame fortunes?”

“Ah, you’ve heard of me.”

(To be continued…)

Please inquire about our writing services. We offer these services to supplement writers’ compensation, as writers rarely get paid their fair value. Additionally, it is difficult to find great writers. Why? Greatness by definition is the pearl in the shell. Though pearls exist in abundance, they’re difficult to find. And as many know, uncultured pearls are the most highly-prized. Therefore, Blogbellion seeks only uncultured writers.