Thomas Doran

Thomas Doran once rode the entire length of the Great Wall of China on a unicycle. And he did this after he lost his right leg. When he went back to his hometown in Buffalo, NY, he was celebrated as a local hero. So revered was he that the entire city chipped in to buy Thomas a new leg (Wal-Mart was running a special). But the damn leg was a lefty and it had only four toes. When he went to return the leg, Wal-Mart refused to refund him. So Thomas sued them. And that is how Thomas entered the legal field.

After writing a kazillion briefs, Thomas realized that he was born to be a writer. Till this day, he continues to write compelling stories while he waits on the outcome of his lawsuit with Wal-Mart.

Thomas is also a Master of the Arts with a fifth degree black belt in college teaching. His most famous student is Wild Bill Hiccup.