Why Blogbellion is Important

What is Blogbellion? It is a wake-up call. Our local stores are dying. These stores are run by our friends and families. With every Kindle book we buy, with every iTunes song we buy, we kill a small piece of our friends, our families. We even kill a piece of our very own neighborhoods. The bleeding must end.

Welcome to Blogbellion. Blogbellion freely promotes the best of stores in our neighborhoods. Blogbellion champions the moms and the pops of the world, beginning right here in New York City. How? By crafting witty, comical and bizarre blog posts that showcase the small businesses in our community. All of these posts are customized by Blogbellion’s own team of award-wining writers.

But Blogbellion is much more than a cause. It is a crusade to incite people to get off their lazy butts and spend a little more than they’re used to on our neighborhood stores so we have something to visit, to shop, to socialize, now and in the future.

Above all, Blogbellion fights to preserve something for the next generation. Don’t our children have a right to lose themselves in a corner bookstore as we did? Don’t they have a right to touch the fabric of the clothes they’ll buy as we did? Blogbellion… not taking from community, but building a community.